Gencon videos

Don’t Panic Games’ booth met success on Gencon, and the best testimonies of it comes from the players themselves! Here are three videos showing the Gencon aftermath for Drakerys.

Download Drakerys cards

Here are the definitive versions of all cards for the first four armies of Drakerys (Avaren, Ashral, Aurium and Irosia). These packs also include the Warmonger Dragon, Elementals and Mercenaries.

Rule Book preview

We are almost done with Drakerys’ rule book. Here are some previews of the French version! The rules are set in stone, but please note this is not the definitive layout. Please send mails at [...]


(…) Each species gave birth to several cultures, usually with a similar goal, to create a ruling civilization. Empires rose and empires faded away. Every once in a while, an adventurer [...]


Once dormant, magic is back and quickly spreading in the world of Drakerys! In this game, each magician masters one or several elemental domains