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(…) Each species gave birth to several cultures, usually with a similar goal, to create a ruling civilization. Empires rose and empires faded away. Every once in a while, an adventurer found the shelter of ancient creatures born of the Maelstrom. Only on rare occasion, were the weakest ones defeated.

But now things have changed. A few months ago, Lorn, a famous elvish adventurer, raided the den of a creature far too strong for him. Athora, a mighty dragon, woke from slumber. He took flight and set the old Xao kingdom ablaze. A beacon heralding the return of magic on Drakerys.

Since that fateful event, the world is changing. Maelstrom creatures are emerging along elemental beings, spreading destruction in their wake. Armies assemble to build their lords’ power, clash with monsters or wreak vengeance for past grudges. (…)

–The History of Drakerys

Lorn is a Kickstarter exclusive miniature. He can be played in any army.

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