This Ain’t Grandpa’s Toy Soldiers!

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Drakerys is a miniature game set in a medieval-fantastic world. New players, we know you are asking: “what does that mean?Seasoned players are asking: “Yeah. So, what’s new about that?

For all you new players, that means you lead fantasy armies made of Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, Human knights or Barbarians against each other. Objectives are selected for each army, miniatures are set, the battle is resolved according to the rules and the first army to reach its objectives wins. Just like the toy soldiers Grandpa used to play with as a child, but with beautiful miniatures and rules made for adults. This is a game of ambition and strategy, far richer than any average board game.

Sceneries not included

Seasoned players may already know such games. Game characteristics, army building, strategy and victory conditions are terms we are used to. Elves and Dwarves are like a distant family to us but, thanks to Hollywood, can now be introduced to everyone…and everyone is a potential game partner. So, why should you choose Drakerys? For THESE rules and for THIS universe.

Because it rules! Rules are what make a game last, and we all want your investment to keep you entertained for as long as possible. Drakerys rules were created to be readily understood by new players, who will discover some game mechanics used in many fantasy games. As such, it is a perfect introduction to the genre. Along with these core mechanics, original new features make it exciting to play while still being easily understood. In future designers’ notes we’ll explore all of the new features.

The first one to know is the Time Path.


In Drakerys, battle units use Action points to perform various feats, like moving, charging, attacking or casting spells. The more spectacular a feat is, the more Action points it requires. Each time a player uses an Action point, he advances his army token one space on the Action Wheel, and the active player is always the one whose army token is last on the wheel. So, a daring player could order one of his units to perform a truly amazing feat, using 3 Action points in the process. Then it would be the other player’s turn to play, having up to 3 Action points to spend in any way he wants until his opponent plays again. He would activate three units with basic feats, for example, possibly gaining a tactical advantage by making his army march on precious elemental sources. Once you play with the Action Wheel, any turn-based or alternative activation-based game seems, well, as old as the toy soldiers Grandpa used to own.

Let’s talk about the planet! In Drakerys, elemental beings born of Air, Earth, Fire and Water have a key role. The storyline opens on a classic setup. As the first campaign will begin, Drakerys is already changing as ancient energies make the very world evolve in unpredictable ways. In Drakerys, the battlefield is not just a random area to conquer. It’s a part of the plan, a force you can either play with – or against. But beware of the enemies you make.

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