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Once dormant, magic is back and quickly spreading in the world of Drakerys!

In this game, each magician masters one or several elemental domains in which he can choose his spells (represented by game cards) before the battle begins. Roasting your adversaries with arcane fire, crippling enemy troops with debuffs or making your buddies bulletproof is a matter of mission objectives and, of course, personal choice. Give it a try, and you’ll understand why Orcs never battle without a shaman around: being turned into a beast is so fun!

Choosing your magic is the first and classic step. What’s less classic is the way a magician casts his spells. On each battlefield, players deploy vivid magic springs called nexuses (if they belong to a single element, Air, Earth, Fire or Water) and maelstroms (if they belong to all elements at once). Maelstroms are far rarer and more potent. A magician is able to cast spells on his own, but being near such a place of power enhances his talents by allowing him to cast more often and more efficiently. More efficiently? Yeah that’s right! More efficiently! Spells have varying effects according to the results obtained to cast them. On his own, a magician could cast a nice firebolt. Near one or several Fire nexuses, however, it may become a real meteor in your enemies’ faces.

So, magic is no longer the med-fan artillery you used to know in many tabletop games. This is Drakerys! Magic is flowing through the land itself, like Mountain Dew at a gaming convention, and controlling elemental springs is a key to victory! Sure, you could play in a old-school way (Zzzzzzz….what what?), having a magician camper near your table, but you wouldn’t have as much impact as you would with a bolder style. Get your magician with your troops to conquer the battlefield, to conquer Drakerys! To conquer the world! Pain is temporary, the glory is forever, and chicks dig scars!

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