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We aim to develop imagination across media.

Founded in 2013, Don’t Panic Games is a young game publishing company. It is the result of the shared work between two experts passionate about games. Don’t Panic games aims at developping the imaginary culture, by leaning on well-established knowledges on games, and on the trans-media and its numerous opportunities.

The founders of Don’t Panic Games are:

Mohamed «Mohand» Ait-Mehdi, a painter and sculptor since 2005. He created a lot of games including Drakerys. In 2009, Mohamed launched Eden, a figurines game in a post-apocalyptic universe, at Happy Games Factory. In 2013, his game Escape is a great hit with its crowdfunging: a boardgame in the same universe as Eden, on Kickstarter.

Cédric Littardi is a French entrepreneur passionate about Japanese culture, of which he largely introduced and spread in France (animation, mangas, music…). He created the famous magazine Animeland and the label Kaze. Cédric is very skilful in the imaginary culture field: he edited and produced many games such as Les Mystérieuses Cités d’Or: Les Mondes Secrets, Strike Suit Zero and Fractured Space ; or projects such as Le Dernier Bar Avant La Fin Du Monde or the magazine Rockyrama

The association of these two partners and their shared work marked the start of Don’t Panic Games, especially with the launch of the miniature boardgame Drakerys, in November 2016.
Drakerys is a miniature boardgame in a fantasy universe, with high-developed rules but easy to reach for everybody. Even beginner players can play Drakerys thanks to its quick and easy installation : no need to stick and paint the miniatures! So everybody can play Drakerys and widen his or her collection with the numerous extensions.

The Don’t Panic Games premises are located in Paris 9th district, and counts five full-time employees.

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