Antoine BauzaGame Designer

    Antoine Bauza (1978) is a French boardgame designer.

    After getting a diploma in chemistry and digital, Antoine got a master in videogames.

    Then, he was teacher for 3 years while designing boardgames during his spare time.

    In 2010, his game 7 Wonders was an international hit and received many international rewards. Since then, Antoine dedicates all his time to game creation. Moreover, he also writes books for young people, Role Playing Games books and video games books.

    Antoine is fond of Japan, therefore he designed a several games with the Land of the Rising Sun as a theme : Tokaido, Takaneko, Hanabi or Samuraï Spirit.

    In 2017, he works with Ludovic Maublanc and they create the boardgame Attack on Titan : The Last Stand (Don’t Panic Games). It is a semi-cooperative game based on the famous japanese anime series Attack on Titan. In this asymmetric game, playing from 2 to 5 players, one person plays the role of a dreadful Titan, threatening the last remaining human city. While the other players will act as the anime Heroes and try to defend the final bastion of humanity!


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