Ludovic MaublancGame Designer

    Ludovic Maublanc (1978) is a French boardgame designer.

    His two first games Monstro’Folies and Cash’n Guns are published in 2014.
    By the end of 2016, he decided to be full-time board game designer.

    Ludovic works with a lot of other authors such as Bruno Cathala: together they created Mr Jack, and about twenty other games.

    In 2017, he works with Antoine Bauza and they create the board game Attack on Titan : The Last Stand (Don’t Panic Games). It is a semi-cooperative game based on the famous japanese anime series Attack on Titan. In this asymmetric game, playing from 2 to 5 players, one person plays the role of a dreadful Titan, threatening the last remaining human city. While the other players will act as the anime Heroes and try to defend the final bastion of humanity!


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