Martin Bruun PedersenGame Designer

    Martin Bruun Pedersen founded Fat Fox Games in early 2016. After working as a freelance artist for a couple of years he got tired of working on other people’s projects and decided to make his own games. Humor is very important to Martin and he wanted his games to reflect his own sense of humor. He figured that the games industry could do with some more unapologetic dark humored games right about now.

    Why dark humor? Well that’s just how Martin rolls. He finds a lot of things funny that he would not admit to anyone, a lot of people do. He feels like there is a lack of dark humored games on the market. So he threw his hat into the ring and set out to produce his flag ship title ”Don’t Drop The Soap”.

    In 2018, Don’t Panic Games found out his game and decided to publish it in French ”Lâche pas la Savonnette”.


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