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FearZ! A card game that will allow you to gain mastery over your own fears!

By Anja Wrede and Bruno Faidutti


Party Game




FearZ! is a speed and observation game in which all players play simultaneously. Be the first player to deduct which is other players’ fears according to his actions! The winner is the first player reaching 5 points!

FearZ! offers 3 different ways of playing: using the cards, playing on tablet or with both at the same time. This unique game will allow you to have great fun while helping children developing their observation and deduction senses. Even reserved people will perform unforgettable Reactions!

This game is perfect to gather kids and grown-ups : giggles and good mood are guaranteed!

You are walking into a mysterious forest where several Monsters are hiding. Every time you meet the Monster which scares you, you will get an original Reaction : coughing, covering your eyes, scratching yourself, bursting in laugh… It’s your job to stay focused to find out which Monster is frightening the other players!

Goal of the game: Be the fastest to spot the other players’ fears by observing their reactions to the various Fear cards during the game.

Material: The game contains 50 cards divided in 4 decks.

Tips game: For the first games, and/or with young children, you can play with the cards showing 4 Monsters only. It will be easier to get familiar with the game.

Variant: Deal only one Monster card to each player. When a player spots their Monster on a Fear card, they must scream : everybody has the same Reaction! Therefore, Reaction cards are not used.


You can also play FearZ! On tablets and smartphones! Download is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Card and Tablet mode

Tablet only mode

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