Game Focus #2 [Yozu]

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Today let’s focus on [Yozu]! In this game of observation, memory, and deduction for 3-6 players you will explore the garden of glittering memory. Your goal will be to find pandas, tigers, dragonflies, and carps for every passing season. A quick, clever game for the entire family!

During Spiel Digital from Thursday, October 22 to Sunday, October 25, 2020, come find out about the game and test it for free on Tabletopia; meet Didier Dincher, the founder of Capsicum Games, who will explain the kind of work that went into [Yozu] and talk about working with the talented Maud Chalmel, who illustrated the game. Or just come to our Discord and say hello!



Uncover the secrets of the Oracle and complete your collection of seasons and animals!

A true Yozu master knows the importance of harmony in nature and the fragile balance of seasons and animals. Challenge your intuition and your memory by trying to guess the hand of the Oracle and beat the other players at their own game. Empty your mind, find your center, awaken your spirit to become a true master and seize the cards that will bring you victory!

To win, you must gather either a Yozuka (4 different animals in the same season) or a Yozumi (the same animal in 4 different seasons). The first player to succeed becomes a master of Yozu!









  • On Friday, October 23 from 12:30 to 13:30 CET: Didier Dincher, creator of Capsicum Games will in our virtual booth through Spiel’s Discord (in the Don’t Panic Games room) to introduce the game and its creation. He will explain the game mechanics, answer your questions and show you the game on Tabletopia!
  • On Saturday, October 24, all morning long, the Don’t Panic Games team will be on Tabletopia to teach you how to play [Yozu].

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They tried it and loved it!

“This unpretentious, yet clever and pleasant game caught my eye, and probably yours, because of the gorgeous art by Maud Chalmel, nearly photorealistic yet poetically ethereal. Never have simple variations on four illustrations, with the seasons, been so enticing in service of a game!”

“When you first see the game, it’s easy to get charmed by the cuteness and the “kawaii” effect of the animals, and think that the game is probably too easy. NOT AT ALL!!! (…) Your memory is quickly put to the test (not my best skill as a grown up, younger people and especially kids have it much easier). You really have to concentrate at first, but then deduction becomes more important, and little by little the players see YOZUKA or YOZUMI appearing in front of them.”

Lia from Tric Trac

“[Yozu] is a great find, and I’ll be glad to bring it to the table to play with friends or with family because it’s simple, beautiful and fun. Everybody loved it here, it charmed all players big and small. It requires attention and concentration, I love this kind of dynamic, close to a game of Happy Families but much more elaborate.”

Le royaume de Moutiks


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