Naruto Ninja Arena – Sensei Pack


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Naruto Ninja Arena – Sensei pack

The Sensei are leaping into the arena!


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Party game

While the apprentice ninjas are busy in the Chûnin Exams, the sensei, these accomplished fighters, observe their pupils behind the scene.

Soon, the desire to measure themselves against each other, or against the most promising students becomes irresistible!

Thanks to this expansion, discover the devastating abilities of 6 Powerful sensei from the world of Naruto: Tsunade, Jiraya, Orochimaru, Kakashi, Gaï and the third Hokage. Unleash new attacks, new Techniques and fearsome Powers!

Requires Naruto – Ninja Arena core game to play. The Genin Pack expansion is also required to play up to 5 or 6 players.

Naruto Ninja Arena is the first game using the Roll & Clash system. During the game, you throw your dice as quickly as you can and use the results to activate Techniques without stopping the game. Everyone plays at the same time in a frantic battle to be the last Ninja Standing!


  • 1 rulebook
  • 6 double-sided Ninja boards
  • 6 double-sided Power tiles
  • 1 Bite token
  • 2 Snakes token
  • 1 Guy’s coin token

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