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The game of memory and elegance


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Maiko is a memory game for 2 to 4 players, ages 9 and up. The game takes place in Japan during the Meiji Era (1867-1912).

Maikos are trainees whose goal is to excel in the exquisite arts: dance, music and kimono wearing, in order to become an exceptional woman, a geisha.
To attain this honor, maikos dwell in an okiya, a geisha house where they receive their training.

To be Geisha is to be appreciated as a work of living art.

In Maiko you play as a young maiko training her memory by searching for items throughout the okiya. These items represent the ancestral geisha arts: find similar tiles to discover their secrets!

When you reveal a pair of tiles with the same items, it means that you learned one of the nine arts of the geishas! Possessing tiles of your maiko’s color increases your points. Conversely, possessing tiles of other colors decreases your points. Indeed, Maiko is a game of memory but also elegance!

During your training, you can also get kamon tokens, marks of prestige, that let you call upon four tutors to help you on your quest. Each tutor possesses a unique talent that will lead the brightest maiko to the victory. The maiko with the most points wins and begins her geisha career.


  • 1 game board
  • 2 maiko boards (white, purple, pink and green)
  • 4 tutor cards
  • 81 tiles (9 friends tiles, 72 item tiles white, purple, pink and green)
  • 16 kamon tokens
  • 1 first player marker

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