Don’t Drop the Soap


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Don’t Drop the Soap

The social cards game where there is just one loser


Cards Game – Party Game




Don’t Drop The Soap is a dark humored, fast-paced, cards game of hot potato set in a prison. In this party game, there are no winners, just one loser. You will take the role of prison inmates who will try not to play a Soap card at all costs… Your best weapons to be safe? Bluffing, low blows and treason!

« Remember, it’s just for fun. »

Martin Bruun Pedersen

In the game Don’t Drop The Soap, there are no winners but just one loser. The goal is… not to lose the game! How do you lose? You lose the game

  • if you are forced to play a Soap card,
  • or if you are the last player in the game.

Don't Drop the Soap - Hard Time card

The game is fast and simple: when it is your turn, play a card from your hand and resolve its effect. You do not draw a card unless you are forced to do so. If you manage to get rid of all your cards, hooray! You are considered as “safe”, and other players can not reach you anymore. From now on, nobody can target you unless another player can play a Lawyer card against you. In that case, you draw 5 new cards and come back in the game… And there we go again!

Don't Drop the Soap - Lawyer card

If you play a card of which you can not resolve the effect, simply ignore its effect. But maybe this is a good way to earn some time… At last, if the deck is empty, do not reshuffle the discard pile: everybody ends the game with their cards in hand. There will inevitably be an unhappy loser…

Contents: 60 cards, including the game rules.

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