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What is Drakerys ?

Drakerys is a 32mm miniature range and wargame for hardcore players and collectors. It uses a popular theme and associates it to a modern gameplay.

The theme revisits classic fantasy armies like wild Orcs and chivalric Humans, clashing to conquer a world where magic is returning. The game is set in an evolving storyline where ambitious empires and ancient creatures join the fray, as the land itself is torn by reawakening energies.

Most miniatures troops used in Drakerys are produced in plastic for an easier access. As central figures of the game, some heroes will be produced in high quality resin. Miniatures can be assembled with various configurations for maximum customization in both gameplay, looks and painting.

The game uses classic fantasy army building with a fresh twist: players use a special Action Wheel, called Time Path, to determine whose turn it is to play, and what units can do. The same player can play several times in a row, or use a more cautious approach to moving his army. This unforeseen game mechanic sets a new vision in fantasy gaming strategies.

The legend tells that Drakerys, our world, was born from the fury of elemental energies tamed by primordial dragons. When the dragons fell asleep, their Elf, Human, Dwarf and Orc servants stood to fight and created the empires we know today. Centuries went by and Drakerys forgot the fury of its origins.

Today, the elemental messengers announce the return of magic and dragons, and a new era of battles. Old empires topple and armies rise to answer the call of new heroes. The world is changing! Are you ready to take power?

A Universe in movement

Born from the clash of mystical energies, the world of Drakerys was baptized by its first lords: dragons born from the elemental uproar called the Maelstrom. Many other creatures appeared along with this world’s birth such as angels, demons, minotaurs, sphinxes and many others. Their might, however, started waning as the magical turmoil decreased. After Drakerys was finally completed, primal dragons and their heirs just disappeared, falling asleep in every corner of the world.

The younger species were less influenced by the Maelstrom’s energies and didn’t succumb to lethargy. Free from the ancient monsters, the dwarves, elves, humans and orcs thrived and claimed Drakerys as their own. Among them, some chosen ones kept a hidden link with magic. They became adventurers, mystics or pariahs. Centuries went by. Each species gave birth to several cultures, generally all with a similar goal to create a ruling civilization. Empires rose and empires faded away.

But now things have changed. A few months ago, Lorn, a famous adventurer, raided the den of a creature far too strong for him. Athora, a mighty dragon, awoke from its slumber. He took off and set the old Xao kingdom ablaze, like a beacon heralding the return of magic on Drakerys.

Since that fateful event, the world is changing. Drakerys creatures are emerging along elemental beings, spreading destruction in their wake. Armies assemble to build their lords’ power, clash with monsters or wreak vengeance for past grudges. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain: magic is on its way back as Drakerys descends into chaos.

A few weeks ago, an elemental storm raged across the ocean and made a sunken archipelago emerge from the sea, revealing remnants of an old civilization and primal treasures. As soon as the rumor brought by the pirates was verified, fleets from both the Holy Paladinate of Irosia and the orc Kingdom of Ashral sent fleets away to conquer the mysterious Valgar Islands. It is thus the ­first great war of the new age of Drakerys begins!

Magic is unpredictable and powerful. Only a few wizards are able to master its devastating force. However, in the right hands, magic can raise mountains…literally! ” – Celeste, Heroine of Irosia

Major Game Features

The Action Wheel – Time Path

In Drakerys, battle units use Action points to perform various feats, like moving, charging, attacking or casting spells. The more spectacular a feat is, the more Action points it requires. Each time a player uses an Action point, he advances his army token one space on the Action Wheel, and the active player is always the one whose army token is last on the wheel. So, a daring player could order one of his unit to perform a truly amazing feat, using 3 Action points in the process. Then it would be the other player’s turn to play, having up to 3 Action points to spend in any way he wants until his opponent plays again. He would activate three units with basic feats, for example, possibly gaining a tactical advantage by making his army march on precious elemental sources.


Modular Miniatures

In Drakerys, players name their heroes. Hero miniatures and boxed troops can be assembled with three combinations of heads, weapons and accessories, each with specific game effects. Powerbuilders and painters will love this! All figures will be available in several visual combinations, and freely purchasable in miniature extension packs to purchase and build an army of any size necessary.

The Armies of Drakerys

Orcs: The Kingdom of Ashral

Ashral is a wild realm, where might makes right. There is no money, only bartering. Criminals from every nation can go there and find a shelter without any question asked. Ashralians, however, know no peace. Their terrestrial raids are extremely brutal: these orcs know their adversaries expect them, so they attack in large groups under the banner of a powerful leader. Their maritime raids are more frequent and less crowded, as predicting an orcish landing is more difficult.


Humans: The Empire of Irosia

With battalions of diplomats and soldiers, the imperial army of Irosia conquered more lands than any other human nation. Its brilliant victories earned the Empire respect, hatred and often fear from other countries. Irosia’s enemies are raiding its frontiers on a growing basis. Emperor Alexander, adored by his subjects until now, is slowly becoming a tyrant bent on protecting his empire.


Elves: The Kingdom of Avaren

The Elves are the youngest of the four races of Drakerys and the most sensitive to supernatural manifestations. For years, they have been wandering knights and defenders of nature. When the Maelstrom creatures fell asleep, they continued their mission while protecting their sleeping creators. Centuries passed by and today, the Elves unity is just an ideal. However, they still see the world as a whole. The Elves acutely sense the imminent return of the Maelstrom. Some wait for their creators to return and dream of a new Golden Age. Others feel their sacred mission is nothing but charming archaism and their focus should be on more tangible objectives.


Dwarves: The Aurium Caste

The Dwarves of Drakerys form a rich and solid people. They give more importance to the species than to culture. A Dwarf welcomes another Dwarf like their own brother, whatever their home country is. They originally came from the Kingdom of Lonemashan, a land full of great plains, mountain ranges and impenetrable forests. Curious and diplomatic by nature, the Dwarves quickly left their borders to settle in every country they could. They fit in very quickly and their taste for hard work is legendary. The Dwarves like engineering, and particularly anything to do with metalworking. Their weapons, armours and chariots are highly desired by many kings!


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