Irosia Paladinate Elites: 2 Knights Of The Dragon Order / Honor Guards / Warrior–Mages


This box contains 2 Irosian Knights of The Dragon Order.
They can be assembled with these weapon configurations:
– Flaming Sword shield
– Halberd
– Mace

• 2 bodies
• 2 heads
• 2 flaming sword shield combinations
• 2 halberds
• 2 maces
• Unit cards

The Dragon Order of Irosia studies esoteric subjects of all kinds and, lately, the way elemental and living beings could merge to achieve the next step of perfection. Being righteous warriors fused with elemental energies, their fabulous knights are the best example of their theories!

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Weight 64 g
Dimensions 150 × 115 × 50 mm

Unit Box