Aurium Dwarves Elites: 6 Lictors / Infernos / Gold Keepers


This box contains 6 Aurium Enforcers.
They can be assembled with these weapon configurations:
– Halberd
– Precision crossbow
– Two-handed sword

• 6 bodies
• 6 precision crossbows
• 6 two-handed swords
• 6 halberds
• 6 mantles
• Unit cards

Enforcers are the troops the Aurium send to their indelicate customers, the ones to keep the convoys and escorts the Dwarf caste’s nobles. They’re nice and professional until their boss says “kill”. Then, it’s still professional, but not nice anymore. Not at all. Here are the tanks. Sporting heavy armors and elite weapons, the Aurium Enforcers are not the quickest, but they are nearly unstoppable, especially if their Soldier brethren are around to take care of the rabble.

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Weight 80 g
Dimensions 150 × 115 × 50 mm

Unit Box