Aurium Dwarves Troops: 6 Crossbowmen / Soldiers / Spearmen


This box contains 6 Aurium Soldiers.
They can be assembled with these weapon configurations:
– Axe and shield
– Axe and repeating crossbow
– Spear

• 6 bodies
• 6 axes
• 6 crossbows
• 6 shields
• 6 spears
• Unit cards

When other armies requires conscription or random enlistment, the Aurium Dwarves keep a professional army, with a quality standardized equipment. That’s the difference between having a ragtag band of fighters, warriors and bar brawlers, and square units of soldiers. Aurium Soldiers are trained to wage war in two ways, but never get out without a trusty weapon and reliable armor.

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Weight 73 g
Dimensions 150 × 115 × 50 mm

Unit Box