Aurium Dwarves Awakened Hero: 1 Banrim / Duke Amdir / Noctis


This box features everything players need to assemble an Aurium dwarf champion chosen among three combinations: Banrim the exorcist, Duke Amdir or Noctis the stalker. Three heads and a cape add for more customization options!

• 1 body
• 3 heads
• 1 cape
• 1 Banrim the exorcist set: scepter
• 1 Duke Amdir set: sword shield
• 1 Noctis the stalker set: crossbow
• Playing cards (Unit cards, Magic cards)

The Aurium army relies on order and discipline. Their leaders excels in their chosen field of expertise. Some of them are magicians practicing a white kind of necromancy, while others are prime tacticians. The rarest, however, are skilled assassins and can kill the opposite chain command in many ways, leading to a shameful defeat.

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Weight 44 g
Dimensions 90 × 110 × 50 mm

Solo Box