Ashral Orcs Awakened Hero: 1 Bekha / Induna / Sakhil


This box features everything players need to assemble an orc champion chosen among three: Bekha the time priest, Induna the shaman or Sakil the warrior. And if you’re brave enough, mix the parts to create your own orc champion!

• 3 upper bodies with head
• 1 lower body
• 1 Bekha the time priest set: scythe
• 1 Induna the shaman set: skull spirit collar
• 1 Sakil the warrior set: 2 weapons standard
• Playing cards (Unit cards, Magic cards)

Ashral’s wild orcs believe in strength, and strength is found in the spirit world, in their body, and in their own souls. Orc leaders reflect this, and often cultivate their strength in more than one way!

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Weight 43 g
Dimensions 90 × 110 × 50 mm

Solo Box