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Place your syndicate cards, gain influence, become the master of Noxford.


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Welcome to Noxford, a timeless city in perpetual construction that extends continuously following the rhythm of the gears that hold it. Each player leads a crime syndicate and will rely on his lieutenants and henchmen to become the most influential around rich districts of the city.

Many opportunities to mess with your f riends as you wrestle for control of the city.

Noxford is a tile placement, area majority game.
You have in your hand 3 cards out of the 10 that make your syndicate. These cards have different values: Master, Lieutenants, Toughs and Punks. On your turn, either play a syndicate card from your hand, or a neutral card that will bring points at the end of the game.

Cards must be played so that they are adjacent to 2 other cards on different sides. The way you play the cards builds the city as your play. You can place a syndicate card on another player’s if its value is greater.
Some cards, called Clockworks, let you move cards and reshape the city, but cards that are connected on all 4 sides can no longer be moved or covered. Barracks cards will neutralize all players’ adjacent Syndicate cards!

The game ends as soon as a player runs out of cards. Don’t panic, your syndicate Master has great taste, so control the districts he likes best to score the most points!



  • 40 Syndicate cards: 10 per player, including 1 Master, 2 Lieutenants, 3 Toughs and 4 Punks
  • 15 Neutral cards: 12 Rich Districts, 3 Barracks

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