Kill the Unicorns


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Kill the Unicorns

Are you experiencing Unicorn fatigue? This game will take care of the problem!





A long time ago, the Queendom teemed with over a million unicorns, but relentless hunting of the beasts saw unicorn numbers quickly decline. Vigorous conservation and anti-poaching efforts, and the introduction of an annual 3 days of consequence-free hunting has greatly contributed to the general population stabilizing. The Queen, along with her subjects is joined in her mission by the Magician, the Knight, the Bard, the Shaman and the Hunter.

Kill the Unicorns is a blind bidding and collection card game. Each player assumes the role of one of the Queendom’s unique characters – the aim is catch as many unicorns as possible! Playtime varies from 20 to 45 minutes, and accommodates 3 to 6 players.

A game supported by 8000 people on Kickstarter!

Played in 4 hunting days, each player is equipped with Scheme and Hunt Cards, including a unique power. At the beginning of each hunting day, 4 Unicorn Cards are drawn at random and placed face-up on the table. Players add their concealed Scheme cards to each Unicorn Card, and open season is announced! Unicorns come in 4 different colors; collecting within the same family earns more points!

Choosing secretly their Hunt Cards, players engage in a merciless battle hoping to emerge victoriously. The strongest attack wins the unicorn card on the table, and the Scheme Card is revealed which can be a bonus or a penalty for the winner of this hunt. Once all unicorns have been caught, players can spend their remaining points on the Gnome Black Market and purchase accessories to increase the value of their unicorns.



  • 28 Unicorn Cards
  • 6 Starting Unicorn Cards
  • 4 Black Market Cards
  • 6 Character Power Cards
  • 8 Hunt Cards per player
  • 8 Scheme Cards per player
  • 1 Scoring Card
  • 20 Black Market Tokens
  • 1 First Player Token

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