Leaders of Midway – Fighters of the Pacific expansion


Fighters of the Pacific is a fast-paced and simple tactical warfare game of air battles during WWII in the Pacific. This battle expansion provide a historical campaign for Fighters of the Pacific. This is a series of scenarios that reproduce the key stages of a major World War II battle in the Pacific. Inside you will find all the tokens needed, including the aircraft carriers involved.

June 1942, Admiral Yamamoto, Commander-in-Chief of the Japanese Navy, is confident and wants to deal a decisive blow to the American fleet in the Pacific. A month earlier, the Japanese fleet had achieved its first victory by disabling two American aircraft carriers in the Battle of the Coral Sea.
The Battle of Midway was a decisive American victory and marked the turning point of the war in the Pacific. It is for you to recreate this battle with the 5 scenarios included. Choose your side and place the counters on the map. History is now in your hands.

This is an expansion for Fighters of the Pacific. The core game is needed to play The Battle of Midway.
The 5 scenarios can be played in a row or separately. It is recommended to play them twice by changing sides in order to compare the scores. Counting 2 hours per scenario, this represents 20 hours of play in complete historical immersion.

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