Battle of the Coral Sea – Fighters of the Pacific expansion


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Battle of the Coral Sea – Fighters of the Pacific Expansion

The very first naval air battle in history

Fighters of the Pacific is a fast-paced and simple tactical warfare game of air battles during WWII in the Pacific. This battle expansion provide a historical campaign for Fighters of the Pacific. This is a series of scenarios that reproduce the key stages of a major World War II battle in the Pacific. Inside you will find all the tokens needed, including the aircraft carriers involved.   May 1942, the Japanese advance was at its peak. The Imperial fleet launched the invasion of Tulagi Island and Port Moresby in order to consolidate its defensive positions in the South Pacific. The invasion fleet was covered by a light aircraft carrier, the Shoho, and the two aircraft carriers Shokaku and Zuikaku formed an independent strike force to engage any enemy aircraft carriers that approached. This was the first naval air battle in history, as all attacks were made with airplanes and no guns were fired directly from one ship at another. It is for you to recreate this battle with the 5 scenarios included. Choose your side and place the tokens on the map. History is now in your hands


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  • 2 booklets of 5 scenarios (one in English, one in French)
  • 120 tokens, including 3 Japanese aircraft carriers (Shokaku, Zuikaku and Soho), 2 US aircraft carrier (Yorktown and Lexington), 3 destroyers, 77 aircraft, 68 game tokens.

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