Battle of Midway – Fighters of the Pacific Expansion


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Battle of Midway – Expansion for Fighters of the Pacific

The most famous naval air battle in history !

Fighters of the Pacific is a fast-paced and simple tactical warfare game of air battles during WWII in the Pacific. This battle expansion provide a historical campaign for Fighters of the Pacific. This is a series of scenarios that reproduce the key stages of a major World War II battle in the Pacific. Inside you will find all the tokens needed, including the aircraft carriers involved.   June 1942, Admiral Yamamoto, Commander-in-Chief of the Japanese Navy, is confident and wants to deal a decisive blow to the American fleet in the Pacific. A month earlier, the Japanese fleet had achieved its first victory by disabling two American aircraft carriers in the Battle of the Coral Sea. The Battle of Midway was a decisive American victory and marked the turning point of the war in the Pacific. It is for you to recreate this battle with the 5 scenarios included. Choose your side and place the counters on the map. History is now in your hands.


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  • 2 booklets of 5 scenarios (one in English, one in French)
  • 2 player aid (one in English, one in French)
  • 120 tokens, including 2 Japanese aircraft carriers (Sory and Hiryu), 1 US aircraft carrier (Yorktown), 3 destroyers, 80 aircraft, 34 game tokens

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