Gencon 2016

 In News

We are still at Gencon for 2 days: please come and visit us, booth 3053!
We are running demos of Drakerys for the first time!

Here is our table on the main gaming area at Gencon this year. You will be able to play full demos of our upcoming games: B-Movie Showdown, Tokyo Ghoul and Dungeon Mini. Please come today and tomorrow to try them!

Gencon is now open. Here is a photo of our booth n°3053, we are waiting for you to see and get a feel for all the Drakerys range.

At 12:00 today, on our booth Gencon 3053, Bruno Faidutti will be demoing our new game Fearz!, coming this fall. Please all come to try it!

Drakerys author and main sculptor Mohand is currently demoing paint on our booth 3053 at Gencon. Please come to see him, discuss with him and get your copy of Drakerys signed.

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