Level 42

Accessories for full immersion

Level 42 offers a wide range of game accessories : playmats, scenic bases and plastic sceneries that you can paint! Enhance your game experience with all the various accessories!

Plastic sceneries

Sceneries are a must-have in any miniatures game: your games will be more realistic and sceneries will fully become a part of the game. Indeed, sceneries allow your miniatures to hide behind, they obstruct the sight or they become spots you need to conquer. You will therefore live intense battles!  Like your miniatures, you can paint the plastic sceneries.

Scenic bases

Scenic bases give to miniatures a perfect touch to fade into the scenery. They have a textured effect and are made of plastic. You can paint them for more realism. The Level 42 range offers two different diameters:

  • 30mm scenic bases, 10 units packaged.
  • 40mm scenic bases, 5 units packaged.


Playmats are perfect to enhance your game experience! They will be part of the sceneries but they will also avoid your cards and miniatures to get damaged. Discover four different places: an old town, an ancient city, a battlefield or a jungle shrine.

The playmats measure 3×3”. They are made of synthetic (same as mouse mat) and the top is made of non-slip rubber.

The four Level 42 playmats were originally designed for the game Drakerys, but they are compatible with all 28-32mm miniature games.


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