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Founded in 2013, Don’t Panic Games develops and publishes varied, unexpected games often full of off-beat humor. Leaning on a small team of irredeemable fans of tabletop gaming and entertainment, the company’s roots are also deeply infused with Japanese culture. From quick and fun party games (Don’t Drop the Soap) to board games aimed at more expert players (Above), including some of the most famous cult licenses (Naruto, Cowboy Bebop, Rick & Morty, DC Universe), pop culture quizzes (Japanime), and even trans-media experiences (Malfosse, Escape Quest): we have games for everyone! Our goal? To publish games that are out of the ordinary and promote the culture of imagination across media in bold new creative ways. Actively seeking to offer a selection of products that thinks outside the box, Don’t Panic Games believes that humor and openness to the world allow for the boldest publishing decisions. And if our main goal is to entertain our audience and share many different universes, this can be done best by neat esthetics and attentive publishing work.



The publishing house was created in 2013 under the impulse of three associates, including Cedric Littardi, often considered the foremost geek serial-entrepreneur in France. An avid fan of Japanese culture, he widely contributed to its diffusion in France during the 1990’s, most notably by founding Kazé (in 1994), a label specializing in Japanese animation, as well as AnimeLand, the leading magazine on the subject (1991). Building on these accomplishments, Cedric developed numerous other projects related to the culture of imagination, aiming to spread this art form over multiple supports: Ynnis Editions for books (f rom anime to comics) or also Le Dernier Bar avant la Fin du Monde (The Bar at the End of the Universe) for gatherings in a space dedicated to geek culture.Still at the helm today, Cedric has surrounded himself with a team of enthusiasts coming from a variety of backgrounds connected to gaming, to position himself in this industry. With dozens of games distributed across 4 countries, the studio works as much on localizing games for the French market as developing its own games, with or without licenses, to offer varied, unique gaming propositions for all audiences.


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