Army Box: Ashral Orcs


The Ashral Army Box is the best choice for a single player wanting to enter Drakerys leading an orcish force. Miniatures, rules, cards, everything is available in a single box!

This box’s contents can be upgraded with additional Ashral Unit Boxes and Solo Boxes, as well as elemental allies.

• 1 Awakened Ashral Hero (3 weapon combinations)
• 3 Ashral Brutes (3 weapon combinations)
• 12 Ashral Warriors (3 weapon combinations)
• Quick Start Rules
• Time Path
• Game counters
• Playing cards (Unit cards, Magic cards, Action Table)
• 5 tape measures (5cm, 10cm, 15cm, 20cm & 25cm)
• 10 Ashral dice

UGS : ASAB32xx Catégorie :


Wild Orcs from an untamed land

The Orc Kingdom of Ashral is a wild unforgiving land where might makes right, and criminals can find a shelter without question. Ashralians know no peace: with the lack of resources, their war-forged culture leads them to execute raids, both by land and sea, against other nations. Ashral is a brutal land of opportunities where money holds no value.

Lately, King Goroth of Ashral has tried to give peace a chance, bartering crafted goods and water for the reliable labor of his orc brothers. With the maelstrom’s return, however, peace is at jeopardy and some Ashralian leaders have grown hungry for the taste of blood and the smell of victory.

The Ashral Orcs Army Box features everything you need to play a war party ready to defend the sacred land or launch a raid in enemy territory. And for Ashral Orcs, everyone is a potential enemy!

Miniatures can be assembled with various weapons and poses to suit your style and gameplay.


  • 12 Orc warriors
  • 3 Orc brutes
  • 1 Ashral Shaman
  • Rulebook
  • Terrain layout poster
  • Time Path tile
  • 10 dice
  • Tape measure
  • Game cards
  • Counters

32mm hard plastic miniatures.
Miniatures need assembly.
Sceneries not included.


Informations complémentaires

Poids 599 g
Dimensions 300 × 225 × 60 mm

Army Box




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