Avaren Elves Awakened Hero: 1 Minvis / Salik / Zandaraï


This box features everything players need to assemble an elf champion choosing from three: Minvis the ranger, Salik the warmaster or Zandaraï the archmage. The head can even be selected among two: with or without a hood!

• 1 body
• 2 heads
• 1 Minvis the ranger set: bow
• 1 Salik the warmaster set: spear shield
• 1 Zandaraï the archmage set: magician staff scroll
• Playing cards (Unit cards, Magic cards)

It takes guile as much as skill to become a leader in the frozen land of Avaren. The northern elves follow their own honor code and stick to their own blood: every war party chooses the one to embody the group’s interest and ambitions, and follow him loyally until he fulfills his objectives or fails for the last time.

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Poids 42 g
Dimensions 90 × 110 × 50 mm

Solo Box