Avaren Elves Elites: 4 Blood Banes / Skull Hunters / Blockers


This box contains 4 Avaren Blood Banes.
They can be assembled with these weapon configurations:
– 2 handed weapon
– Brass knuckles
– Javelin shield

• 4 bodies
• 4 double brass knuckles combinations
• 4 javelin shield combinations
• 4 two handed weapons
• Unit cards

Blood Banes are Avaren shock troops, the one the warmasters call when raw strength is needed. These warriors owe their name to the potent blood magic running through their veins and giving them an unnatural stamina. They can endure dire wounds and regenerate, becoming the natural tanks Avaren elves need when they plan to keep a stronghold or stay a long time behind enemy lines.

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Poids 75 g
Dimensions 150 × 115 × 50 mm

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