Avaren Elves Elites: 3 Battlemasters / Slaves / Void Runners


This box contains 3 Avaren Void Runners.
They can be assembled with these weapon configurations:
– Void knife and mantle
– Chain and bomb
– Spear

• 3 bodies
• 3 heads
• 3 mantles
• 3 double knife combinations
• 3 chain and bomb combinations
• 3 spears
• Unit cards

For centuries, Void Runners were known as the master assassins of the Avaren people. Since the Maelstrom’s return, however, they seem to enjoy a new power of their own: the ability to manipulate illusions and shadows to their advantage. Is this a blessing or a curse? They don’t really care, as they are now deadlier than ever, even on an open battlefield!

UGS : AVUB4303 Catégorie :

Informations complémentaires

Poids 63 g
Dimensions 150 × 115 × 50 mm

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