Birds of Prey

The women of DC Comics arrive in force!

Deck-building Extension




Released date: 27 september 2019 !

The Birds of Prey expansion for DC Deck-Building Game brings a new way of playing with card rotation to the Crossover series! Many effects will be felt rotate your cards. You will be able to trigger other effects thanks to this ability. The permanent cards remain in their positions between each turn. Combine combos and rotate your cards to create new ones!

In this second Crossover, you will use special Super Villains and Super Heroes. They all work with card rotation to create even more ways to develop this mechanism!

I want the Birds of Prey.

Birds of Prey is an expansion for the DC Comics Deck-Building Game

A rotated card is a game card that is not “upright”, i.e. in the normal playing position. Superhero cards are never rotated. You cannot rotate a card unless a card effect allows it. When rotating a card, by default rotate it 90° clockwise unless otherwise specified. The rotated cards work normally.

The rotated Permanent cards remain in play at the end of the turn and maintain their position. These are the most interesting cards to rotate, although all can be rotated. When you play a card, it becomes a card that you control. Following an effect asking you to rotate a card, you can choose any card you control. Several Permanent cards of this extension offer a bonus “when this card comes back to the right place”. This usually happens when the card rotates a 4th time.



  • 6 large Super Hero Birds of Prey cards
  • 8 Super-Villain cards
  • 23 cards of Deck Common
  • 1 rule of the game

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