Game of Dragon Boules Dead


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Game of Dragon Boules Dead

The humorous card game by Davy Mourier

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Humorous card game





Davy Mourier, television host, comedian and comic book author (Nerdz, Nolife, The Golden Show, Golden Moustache or La Petite Mort) offers his own GEEK version of the famous question and answer game Cards Against Humanity.

In this trashy card game of POP Culture (Game of Thrones, Dragon Ball, Ninja Turtles, Supers Nanas, Harry Potter, and many others), players will have to create the most fun sentence associations. The funniest player will win the game and invoke SHEN-round the Dragon not square to make a wish that the other players will have to grant*.

Attention, game reserved for the warned public! Warned of what? Well, warned that there’s going to be swear words and quotes from weird sexual practices.

*Sexual wishes are encouraged but not mandatory.

Donkey Kong with a thong, what else ?

  • Each player has 7 Crystal Ball cards in hand
  • The last player who accidentally killed his parents begins. If no one is in this case, the last player to fight evil with energy balls starts, if not the last player to make Blue Meth starts, if not the last player to have drugs in hand starts… If not, get by yourself.
  • The first player starts: he takes a Reading Dead card and reads the question or sentence to be completed aloud. He is the Master of the balls for this round.
  • The other players answer the question or complete the sentence by placing as many Dragon cards as required face down.
  • The cards are shuffled, the Ball Master rereads his card by completing the sentence with the suggestions of the other players. To determine the winner, he must choose the funniest proposal.
  • The winner wins the Reading Dead card, making him the winner. He then becomes Ball Master and a new round can begin.
  • When a player wins 7 Reading Dead cards, the game ends. He invokes SHEN-round the Dragon not square: he can make a wish that the other players must grant. (Sexual requests are encouraged)



  • 1 rule card
  • 50 question cards
  • 200 answer cards

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