Rick and Morty – Total Rickall

The delirious cooperative card game

Cooperative card game




Release on Feb 2019!

Disgusting alien parasites have infested the smith house

These telepathic monsters propagate by embedding themselves in cherished memories, making it nearly impossible to distinguish them from real-life friend and family! It’s up to you to take up arms and destroy them before they escape the house and overtake the world! But here’s the kicker, broh: first you’ve got to figure out which of the zany, wacky characters are real, and which are parasites. Can you save the Earth without sacrificing too?

The Rick and Morty – Total Rickall Card Game is based on the Rick and Morty episode of the same name. If you haven’t seen it, don’t worry. We’ll help get you through this. But you really should see it at some point. Seriously. Don’t be a Jerry.

Think you’ve got what it takes to save the world ?

Characters entering play will be given secret identities as either Parasites or Real.

You won’t know who is what until you do a little investigating… or just start shooting. It’s up to your team to work together to root out all of the Parasites and shoot them dead.

At any point during the game (before or after any Action card has resolved), any player can declare that all Parasites have been eliminated from the middle of the table. If at least 50% of the players think they are all gone, the game ends. Reveal the Identity card of each Character in the middle of the table. If all the revealed cards say Real, your team wins (in Standard Mode).

Be careful not to shoot Real Characters (looking at you, Beth)! When a fourth Real Character is shot, that instantly ends the game! In Standard Mode, everyone loses and is brokenhearted.


  • 60 Action cards
  • 30 Identity cards
  • 24 Character cards
  • 1 First Player token

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