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A new generation “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” book collection !

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Escape Quest is a “choose-your-own-adventure-book” collection inspired from Escape Games and Role Playing Games. Four books will be released annually.

Live an independent adventure where YOU are the main character and where you have to solve mysterious riddles to escape all the traps you will run into…

Watch out! You will have to be logical and very observant in order to solve all the riddles!

Will you take up the challenge?

Go off to discover fantasy worlds with Escape Quest: innovative gameplays will enable you to progress and find new elements to move forward in your adventure! In Escape Quest there is no time limit to complete your quest!

In this first issue, go and find the lost treasure of Sarah Edson-Taylor, the greatest explorer of the century! Crack the secrets of her travel journal and find the key to her treasure… Will you be up to pass on the torch? Follow her steps and travel all around the world to find her precious treasure!

We challenge you!

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