Escape Quest Kids – The Monkey Island

A new generation “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” book collection !

Escape Book



Thanks to Escape Quest, activate your neurons and discover the world while having fun!

Each issue is an independent adventure in which YOU are the main character and during which you will have to solve mysterious puzzles to avoid all the traps you will encounter…

Escape Quest offers you the opportunity to discover many imaginary worlds through innovative gameplay mechanics that allow you to progress and find new elements to progress in your adventure!

But be careful! Only an implacable logic combined with a sense of observation and deduction will allow you to succeed!

Are you ready to take up the challenge?



While your parents, renowned scientists, are on an expedition, you explore the wild island on which you will have to spend your holidays. Fortunately, legends and rumours chase away your boredom and you go in search of the fabulous Monkey King, a gigantic primate, protector of the island and last of his kind. You are now determined to save him from the threat of poachers hired by a famous collector, as rich as he is cruel. Can you observe nature, listen to the villagers, read the signs and communicate with the animals to solve all the riddles that will lead you to the sanctuary of the mythical Monkey King and warn him in time of the danger awaiting him?

The first special edition of the Escape Quest collection offers you an exciting adventure in the heart of the deep jungle.

Unlock the mysteries of Monkey Island and save animals from poachers’ traps with your ingenuity and observation skills!

its real name, it’s the Island of Monkey King: Pulau Raja Monyet

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